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Dr Frey Michel et son équipe

The overall conditions of today’s world generally let our body and cells get older more rapidly, through constant attack by cell toxins.

The causes of the latter are multiple :

  • Oxidised grease, free radicals, irritating molecules disturbing the whole system of our body, in particular, the liver, immune and hormonal system
  • Our food and environment (food intolerance, pesticides, heavy metals, toxic gas, drugs, medicines...)

The program starts with detoxifying (perfusion, oral medication) then followed by the cell reconditioning (general stem and cell stimulation and immune system stimulation).

The different techniques are auto hemotransfusion, orthokine , PRP and plasmapheresis.

A biological balance is necessary before starting the treatment to determine the vital parameters, food intolerances and the balance of your intestinal flora (the precise indications will be at your disposal at the center). A questionnaire about your health condition will have to be filled to allow a personalised patient care.

The reviltalisation will be completed with the assistance of :

  • A physician
  • A nutritionist (instruction of detoxifying and low toxin nutrition)
  • A massage (toxin elimination through the skin)
  • A hydro colon therapy (removal of toxins from digestive system)
  • A physical reconditioning program
  • A Chinese medicine program
  • A biological follow-up during the revitalization
  • A complement in stimulators in stem cells for the following months after the revitalization

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