Centre médical alpin de jeûne thérapeutique

et de

revitalisation cellulaire


Dr Frey Michel et son équipe

The way that we eat, the way of our professional and personal life and also our today’s environment, all this can cause a degradation of our body with an accumulation of toxic products in our body : oxidant, heavy metals and toxins, which leads to a premature ageing of our body.

All systems are affected: cardiovascular, pulmonary, digestive, skeletal and immunological.

A cell detoxifying, autologous cell regenerating and a blood cleaning program will be submitted

The program will be conducted as follows :

  • The treatment starts with a laboratory program carried out before coming, according to precise guidelines and a specific questionnaire about your overall and hormonal health condition will have to be filled out

The treatments at the doctor’s office wil be conducted as follow :

  • A autologous cell reprogramming with 3 differents stem cell stimulators
  • A heterologous cell extract stimulation program
  • A blood cleaning program by plasmapheresis

The return home will be accompanied by :

  • A stem cell stimulation therapeutic program
  • A hormonal strenthening program
  • The whole stimulations and treatments will be personally carried out according to the assessment made before your arrival.

Dr. FREY Michel

Médecine gémérale FMH

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