In all civilizations, fasting has been a part of the spiritual and temporal life of people.

Can everyone benefit from fasting? The answer is yes.

Fasting detoxifies and allows the body to set up repair and regenerative mechanism as far as you respect certain precautionary medical rules and precise protocol before, during and after therapeutic fasting.

It lasts 3 to 40 days according to individuals and their motivation, under the control of a physician.

Fasting means providing a break to the digestive system, from which the entire biological organism can make profit. Without digestive stimulation and thanks to the rest of secretion, neural and muscular functions associated to the peristalsis, the organism can liberate an amount and a quality of vital energy commonly under-estimated. Therefore it can focus all its effort to reinforce

N.B: A booklet giving explanations about fasting and its process will be at your disposal upon your visit to our center.

How to prepare the fasting ? Possible example :

For you first experience, a 7 day cure is highly recommended. Nevertheless, the duration is to be determined with the approval of the physician. The treatment could be extended to 14 days to eliminate a chronic disease. According to the disease, it would be advisable to repeat the cure.

The fasting will be completed with the assistance of :

Fasting should be interrupted in case of :